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Club Is Another Reason To Keep Clear Of Drugs

“Generation X is going to pot.” This is just one of the many stereotypes talked about at the WDFY Leadership Camp Retreat last October. WDFY stands for Washington Drug-Free Youth. It is a student-initiated club that gives members cards to get free or discounted merchandise from participating stores.

Members also have the opportunity to go with WDFY to places like Laser Quest or a three-day ski trip in Canada, at a lower price than they would have otherwise paid.

In return, members are given initial urine tests to check for drug use and are subject to random drug testing throughout the year. All testing is confidential. If it comes back positive, a member’s card will be revoked for at least 30 days. None of the results will be given to the police or anyone except your guardians. WDFY is based on rewards, not punishment.

Even though the club has great benefits for obeying the law, not many people have been taking advantage of it. So WDFY brought together representatives from Chase, Cheney, Colbert, Colville, East Valley, Ferris, Lakeside, Mead, Reardan and West Valley schools to find ways to boost membership.

At the retreat, participants were able to speak to a panel of community leaders on topics that affect teens. The purpose was to dispel the myths about teen activities.

Many good kids are tired of being discriminated against because of the less-than-noteworthy actions of other teenagers.

Students also heard from speakers on topics such as conflict resolution, expressing themselves, setting up new chapters, fund-raising, and making a difference.

We also talked about the opportunity given to WDFY members to be trained and to star in public service announcements. In some cases, students will write, film, direct and produce half-hour shows on various topics facing teens.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in WDFY, call Jodie Lemery at (509) 922-8383.

Idaho has a similar program called IDFY. For information, call Amy Bartoo at (208) 664-4339.