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Indian Trail Widening Planned City Accepts $37,537 For Road Improvement

Thu., March 12, 1998, midnight

Spokane’s City Council agreed Monday to accept $37,537 from the state to improve Indian Trail Road.

All the funding is now in place to begin widening Indian Trail Road to three lanes between Kathleen and Barnes Road.

The plan includes a grassy median with open areas for turns. There will also be curbs and sidewalks.

Signals will be raised on Indian Trail Road at Pacific Park Drive and Barnes Road. A signal will be installed at Shawnee during the second phase of the project.

Money is still unavailable for widening the road all the way north to Ridgecrest Drive.

Earlier, the city planned to widen the road to five lanes but a lack of funding, problems acquiring right of way and revised traffic studies led to the three-lane version.

The North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council is requesting a disaster preparedness study for the area. Indian Trail Road is the sole access to the growing neighborhood.

“In case of a firestorm, other natural disaster, or even a major traffic accident, we feel a plan needs to be in place for the area,” said Sharon Page, co-chair of the neighborhood council.

“We think that should be done before any final decision on Indian Trail Road is made,” said Page. “Maybe they should be looking at alternate routes in and out of the area.”

Northwest Blvd. project

Northwest Boulevard will also be widened this summer between Lincoln and Maple streets.

The project will include some traffic flow changes. At the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and Monroe, there will still be five legs, but because some of the roads will be one-way only, it will act as four legs.

Eastbound traffic will swing onto Madison and then onto Indiana, which will carry traffic only one way.

All the funding for the project is in place. The city is proposing some road closures and is working out agreements with local business owners.

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