Sponsor Of Abuse Bill Clamps Lid On Alltus


Rep. Jeff Alltus objected strongly Friday to legislation making it a misdemeanor to maliciously destroy community property, but the bill passed anyway.

Alltus recalled “smushing” some Tupperware containers in his trash compactor while his wife was gone on a trip, because some were missing lids. The bill would make his action a crime, he said.

Sponsor Rep. Debbie Field, R-Boise, disagreed and said the measure is designed to allow authorities to deal with extreme cases of domestic violence.

“We’re not talking about Tupperware,” she said. “Homes are being destroyed.”

She told Alltus, “I think that’s, in all due respect, not a great argument.”

The House backed Field, 59-5. The measure, which earlier passed the Senate, now goes to the governor.

, DataTimes

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