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Dancer Tipped With Fake $1 Bills

Spokane’s counterfeit bill problem took a strange twist Saturday night at the DejaVu.

A 26-year-old dancer at the night club on East Sprague called police to complain that someone had tipped her with two fake $1 bills. The woman, who had been entertaining a group of three or four men, tried to determine the culprit by playfully asking “Who gave me the cool money?”

When no one would fess up, she called the police.

The dancer told sheriff’s deputies she suspected a customer who left right before she realized the money was fake. The man, she said, had been wearing a white plastic glove on one hand, and had been noticed by other dancers that night.

The dancers told police they’d seen him before. None knew why he wears the single plastic glove.

Sheriff’s deputies took the dancer’s tip money as evidence. It’s highly unusual, they said, to see fake bills in denominations less than $20.

Most counterfeiters wouldn’t risk prosecution over a $1 bill, they said, even at DejaVu.

, DataTimes