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‘Deedles’ Sounds Dumb, And It Is

Fri., March 27, 1998

If you’ve ever been stuck in tourist gridlock while trying to see Old Faithful erupt, you might not think that shutting it down is all that bad an idea. But corking the geyser is the evil plot at the heart of “Meet the Deedles,” a stupid comedy that almost gets by on good-naturedness.

Almost. The movie takes too long to get to where we all know it’s going, and provides too few surprises on the way.

The Deedles are 18-year-old surfer-dude twins Stew (Steve Van Wormer) and Phil (Paul Walker) who are mistaken for rookie park rangers.

Phil, the marginally better-looking one, quickly falls for a pretty ranger (A.J. Langer); Stew, the marginally smarter one, sets to work trying to solve the park’s prairie-dog problem.

It has a few laughs, but it’s mostly content to plug in the same ol’ formula holes other family movies plug in these days.

xxxx “Meet The Deedles” Locations: East Sprague, North Division Rating: PG


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