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Church Sticks By Reggie

Reggie White’s comments on race and homosexuality might have scuttled his hopes for a sports broadcasting job with CBS, but church colleagues said Friday he was welcome back to their pulpits anytime.

“I’m not his judge. God might be saying, ‘Good job, Reggie,”’ said the Rev. Andrea Dudley of Capital Christian Center in Milwaukee, where White has spoken in the past.

“He was ministering a message, a sermon, and while they may not have been expecting it, he did what he thought the Lord led him to do,” Dudley said.

CBS Sports spokeswoman Leslie Anne Wade would not say whether White had spoiled his prospects for an analyst’s job he auditioned for. But Wade said CBS takes a firm stand against bias, an indication White’s comments might have taken him out of the running.

White’s speech also might have left his endorsement deals with Campbell Soup Co. and athletic shoe giant Nike up in the air.

A coalition of gay and lesbian organizations called on Campbell to sever ties with White, and asked the NFL to publicly censure him for his “racist and anti-gay” remarks.