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EV Director Also Retiring

Along with Superintendent Chuck Stocker, East Valley School District’s director of special services is also retiring at the end of June.

Larry Busse, 53, says he’s been asked, “Why are you leaving? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” he said.

“Maybe that’s why I’m leaving.”

Busse heads several program for the district, including special education, Title 1 and other reading programs, English as a second language, the alternative schools, vocational and jobs placement programs.

He hopes that concepts under development now, including a GED program, a contract-based education program and a program in computer repair, will begin next fall.

Busse calls the teachers and specialists who work under him, the true professionals. “They’re the ones who make it work … I’m the helper.”

He’s worked for East Valley since 1994, and has 32 years in education. , DataTimes