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Hints From Heloise

Dear Heloise: My living room carpet has a couple of cigarette burns in it from the previous owners. The carpet is a very light beige, so the dark burn marks really show up. Do you have any suggestions for covering them up? I’d appreciate any help you can give. Barbara Turner, Seattle

There is a simple solution!

First, try using an emery board and see if you can “file” away the burned part.

Second, if it is a small hole, carefully cut away the burned fibers, put some white glue in the hole and fill with fibers from another area.

Third, cut away the burned portion and, if it is a large hole, cut a piece of carpeting from an inconspicuous spot, such as a closet.

Fourth, put some wax paper over the area and place a heavy book on top for 24 hours. Remove the book and fluff the fibers. - Heloise