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Texan Calls Clinton On ‘Apologies’ To Africa

Sat., March 28, 1998

House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Texas, criticized on Friday what he called President Clinton’s “apologies” to Africa.

DeLay said he was offended that Clinton has made conciliatory remarks about the U.S. role in the slave trade and its slowness to respond to genocides in central Africa.

“Here is a flower child with gray hair doing exactly what he did back in the ‘60s,” DeLay said, referring to Clinton’s college-era protests of the Vietnam War.

“He’s apologizing for the actions of the United States wherever he went,” DeLay said. “It just offends me that the president of the United States is directly or indirectly attacking his own country in a foreign land. It just amazes me.

“He’s very quick to apologize for other people’s mistakes, but he won’t apologize for his own, and it comes back to character.”

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