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Sat., March 28, 1998

Q. What do you call a terror of thunder?

A. “Tonitrophobia.” Common in dogs.

Q. When did the Europeans take up basketball?

A. During World War I. U.S. soldiers there put up hoops.

Arizona is more than twice the size of England.

Q. Why is the “starling” called that?

A. Close up, you can see little “stars” in its otherwise dark plumage.

Q. Can you get french fries in China?

A. If you order american fries, you can.

Approximately 85 percent of the people can’t remember names after new introductions for more than two minutes. Or so I was told about five minutes ago by a statistical authority whose name eludes me.

The French “troquer” means “to exchange.” That’s what French farmers did with vegetables. Exchanged them for money. Or whatever. What we call a “truck” farm has nothing to do with a truck. It’s from that French word “troquer.”

If you cut a magnet in half, each half becomes a magnet.


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