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Citizen Scientists


Birdwatchers can donate their avian interests to the good of science by participating in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s nest-box network.

The program, funded by the National Science Foundation, encourages citizens to place bird boxes, monitor their use and report the results to identify national trends.

Participants receive:

A 100-page research kit and instructions for building and placing nest boxes and doing the research, plus data forms or software.

A subscription to Birdscope, the lab’s quarterly newsletter.

Access to an e-mail discussion group with others involved with monitoring bird-nesting boxes.

Participants pay $20 for materials. Make checks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and mail to Cornell Nest Box Network/OW, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, P.O. Box 11, Ithaca, NY 1481-001. Credit card users can register by telephone, (800) 843-2473.

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