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Idaho Records

Building Permits Shoshone County

Dave Smith Motors, Kellogg, addition and remodel, valued at $7,577.

Jack Modrell, Calder, carport, valued at $6,617.

Mine Fabrication, Kellogg, addition, valued at $6,611.

Fred Bentley, Woodland Park, carport, valued at $6,000.

Coeur d’Alene

Crescent Homes, 4235 Ceres, residence, valued at $100,000.

Bestway Builders, 5430 Mt. Carroll, residence, valued at $96,000.

The Baines Corp., 6805 Calispel, residence, valued at $78,000.

Shamrock Construction, 875 Trinity Court, residence, valued at $90,000.

The Baines Corp., 6738 Calispel, residence, valued at $75,000.

Shorewood Homes, 5729 Lachaise, residence, valued at $59,000.

C & K Roofing, 1112 Maple Ave., residence reroof, valued at $9,500.

Shorewood Homes, 2581 Grenoble, residence, valued at $73,000.

R.G. Development, 7652 Heartland, residence, valued at $52,000.

R.G. Development, 7664 Heartland, residence, valued at $56,000.

R.G. Development, 7666 Heartland, residence, valued at $57,000.

Shorewood Homes, 5741 Lachaise, residence, valued at $74,000.

Ward Haskins, 5767 Atlas Road, commercial site development, valued at $5,000.

McIntosh Roofing, 1202 Ironwood Drive, commercial roof, valued at $14,260.

Post Falls

Shelter Associates Inc., 1220 Polston Ave., medical office building, valued at $441,246.

Danny O’Neal Construction, 1100 Pines Road, office warehouse, valued at $121,375.

Copper Basin Construction, 603 Coles Loop, residence, valued at $186,344.

Hallmark Homes Inc., 1720 Stagecoach Drive, residence, valued at $70,406.

Troxell Homes, 505 Rocky Point Court, residence, valued at $133,029.

Gary Compaso, 505 14th Ave., storage, valued at $21,796.

Charles Treat, 5011 Frazier Drive, residence, valued at $146,921.

Darrell Schlender, 3760 Highwater Drive, garage, valued at $5,146.

Klaus Hawes, 2410 Sand Trap Way, residence, valued at $74,934.

Bankruptcies Liquidation petitions

Charles L. Myhre, Post Falls, debts of $75,268.

Eloise M. Myhre, Post Falls, debts of $22,317.

Philip A. and Andrea S. Thompson, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $24,483.

Christopher T. and Katrine M. Christopherson, Elko, Nev., debts of $148,777.

Donald R. and Sharlene A. Wade, Hayden Lake, debts of $5,456.

Brian H. and Jody R. Hall, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $72,360.

Holly A. and Marc L. Olson, Post Falls, debts of $13,372.

Melinda LaPrath, Post Falls, debts of $17,895.

Valerie Scott, Post Falls, debts of $177,023.

Kittie M. Ferguson, Hayden, debts of $17,877.

William K. and Sharon L. Jones, Sandpoint, debts of $64,455.

Stephen H. Bonnar, Coeur d’Alene, debts not specified.

Kirby L. and Tahnee Dittus, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $68,495.

Chanelle L. McIntosh, Rathdrum, debts of $9,973.

James M. and Patricia L. Crain, Hayden, debts of $91,599.

Shannon M. and Mindee A. Muskrat, Sandpoint, debts of $109,288.

Amy E. Hart, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $12,663.

Richard L. and Sandra H. Johnson, Post Falls, debts of $21,520.

Steven C. Philpot, Osburn, debts of $46,903.

Richard J. and Dorothy Pietlicki, dba Deck Tech, Hayden, debts of $154,588.

Timothy D. and Claudia K. Lockwood, Coeur d’Alene, debts not specified.

Dean A. and Christine Simpkins, Priest River, debts of $78,106.

Steven D. and Kelly Estep, Sagle, debts of $133,997.

Larry F.B. and Lisa L. Woody, Post Falls, debts of $42,496.

Charles Sr. and Andrea D. Mayzes, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $55,787.

Robert F. and Sheila M. Mitcham, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $69,984.

Phillip J. and Teresa L. Asbill, Priest River, debts not specified.

Gerald F. Jr. and Sonya Hosterman, Sagle, debts of $29,721.

Deanna J. Johnston, Athol, debts not specified.

Phyllis E. Moss, St. Maries, debts of $353,930.

Wage earner petitions

Robert F. Mosely, Post Falls, debts not specified.

James P. and Doris M. Sarensen, Rathdrum, debts not specified.

James D. Carpenter, Wallace, debts not specified.

Jo A. Wilson, Wallace, debts not specified.

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