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Sallie Mae To Recruit For Future

Sun., March 29, 1998

The Sallie Mae Servicing Corp. likes to keep its name in front of the workforce.

So even though the large financial institute isn’t hiring at the moment, representatives will attend the Career Fair to recruit “for future opportunities.”

Darlene Ferguson, an employment specialist, said the company looks forward to telling its story to job candidates of the future.

“As of right now, we don’t have any positions open,” Ferguson said. “But in going to the Career Fair, we are looking at communicating our future opportunities.”

Ferguson said the company, which is a unique blend of public and private interest, hopes “to get to know our future candidates.”

Sallie Mae was formed nearly 25 years ago to serve as a secondary market for guaranteering student loans. It acts as a middleman of sorts, playing the role fo liaison between borrowers, lenders and schools.

“We started out as a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE),” Ferguson said. “We were created to fulfill a purpose, the servicing of guaranteed student loans.”

In July, 1997, Sallie Mae shareholders voted to privatize the company, evolving it out of the GSE ranks.

“We do a majority of hiring for entry-level positions,” Ferguson said, “primarily customer-service representative in such departmenst as our call center or records management.”

Candidates should have general office skills, as well as the ability to work closely with clients.

“What’s important to us is a strong customer-service background,” said Ferguson. “Computer skills are definitely important, including keyboarding skills.”

Because Sallie Mae uses its own software, candidates needn’t be fluent in a specific program.

Candidates should be familiar with basic telephone skills and will be expected to carry on correspondence with clients.

Ferguson said potential candidates should prepare themselves for the Career Fair by developoing a set of questions to ask employers.

And, she added, “Be ready to submit a resume, even if the company isn’t hiring at the moment.”


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