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‘The X-Files’ Finds Its Way Out Of The Woods Sci-Fi Show Leaving Vancouver For L.A.; This Season His Last, Duchovny Says

The truth is, it’s outta here.

“The X-Files” television series is leaving Vancouver, where it has been filmed for the past five years.

The most popular television series ever shot in Canada is moving to Los Angeles.

Series creator and executive producer Chris Carter told the cast and crew Friday night that the top-rated TV series would be leaving the British Columbia city for Hollywood next season.

He thanked the city of Vancouver and the hundreds of Canadians who have helped make the series a success.

The show’s publicist, Stephen Melnik, confirmed the show is leaving, but an official announcement won’t be made until later in the week.

“We are allowing Chris to talk to each of his cast and crew members this weekend before we can confirm anything,” said Melnik.

Rumors the popular series would leave Vancouver have been circulating for months.

Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both live in Los Angeles. Duchovny’s wife, actress Tea Leoni, films her television series there.

Duchovny, who plays FBI agent Fox Mulder on “The X-Files,” said he was leaving at the end of this season, regardless.

Tom Adair, business representative with “The X-Files” production union, credited the show for putting Vancouver on the map.

“But shows are given birth, they live, and they die,” he said.

“It’s difficult to be away from your family for that long. That’s the only reason that would make any sense - not economic sense, it’s emotional sense.”