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Ex-editor having a ball down South

 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

Now, wait just a dang minute, writes former SR newsroom boss Chris Peck from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn.: “It’s great being here in Memphis! The town is fascinating. The newspaper is getting better every day. I’ve inherited a great staff of longtime journalists and been able to bring in a few new faces.” Chris was responding to that Dec. 13 Huckleberry in which we said things have been trying way down in Dixie for the band of ex-SRers who opted to serve their journalism southern fried – what with layoffs and labor troubles, and all. Continues Chris in his e-mail: “I had a great run in Spokane. I have great friends there. But there’s no future in looking back. I’m a happy Tennessean now.” Ex-Managing Editor Scott Sines and food critic Leslie Kelly e-mailed their dittos. Sounds like those boll weevils found a home.

Needles and pins

The Dec. 13 Huckleberry about a granny who was allowed to take knitting needles on a jet to Seattle also struck a chord. A security worker at Spokane International Airport told Huckleberries: “We think it’s crazy not to take needles away. We figure they could be pretty dangerous weapons, especially since we have to take teeny tiny nail clippers or scissors away.” Then, there’s ex-SRer Fern Christenson, who stowed her knitting needles in her luggage because she didn’t think they’d pass security on a recent trip to Hawaii – and had an emergency sewing kit “with the itsy folding scissors with the half-inch blade” confiscated instead. At that point, Fern asked to take the knitting needles with her on the plane, and The Powers That Be said sure. Fern: “Actually, I’m sure a skilled assassin could do more damage with a ballpoint pen, but it all seems a bit arbitrary, doesn’t it?” Indeed, the inmates are running the asylum.

A helping hand

During a break in the special City Council meeting to hear Duane Hagadone’s ideas about a downtown garden, several Coeur d’Alene High students approached the Lake City multimillionaire. Seems they wanted him to sign their papers as proof they’d attended the lengthy meeting. “I’m happy to help out,” Hagadone said. “I hope you get an A on the class” … Hagadone, of course, is a 1950 CHS grad. A peek at his annual shows he was involved in freshman skit, baseball, basketball, golf, C Club – and that he made an interesting bequeathal: “Duane Hagadone wills his smooth line (it really works) to Dory Schmidt.” Whatever happened to Dory? Inquiring minds want to know.

Poet’s corner

“A lovely gift/In time for Yule/An aquifer/Of diesel fuel” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Thank You, BNSF”).


Ray L. Fink of Hauser sez he knows why there’s such a battle over Ten Commandments monuments at county courthouses: “With all the shalt nots re: adultery, lying, cheating, etc., in a building with lawyers, judges and politicians, it makes for a stressful and hostile work environment” … Little Bailey Brodwater, 3, has his own version of “Frosty the Snowman” – you know, the iceman who “has a corncob pipe and a butt and nose” … Wonder what Mayor Sandi Bloem thought of Councilman Ben Wolfinger introducing her at a recent chamber breakfast as “downtown diva” and “countess of Coeur d’Alene”? Her Sandiness hates nicknames … Corey Sommers, age 6, on whether he enjoyed his one trip in a jet: “Yes, I did, but it was a cloudy day, and I didn’t get to see any angels.” Aw … Now that “Landslide Christine” Gregoire has validated the “third time’s the charm” wisdom, mebbe Repub Dino Rossi should challenge: Best 3 out of 5?

Parting shot

At CdA Hastings, with others waiting in line, a brown Chevy rig with lights on was parked at the curb Wednesday night, blocking the video drop-off box. No one was behind the wheel. As a disgusted motorist walked his video to the box, he spotted the rig’s bumpersticker: “Some stupid people are alive simply because it’s against the law to kill them.” Life imitating art?


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