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Sony Sport S2

Cost: $110 Web: Review: As Martha and the Vandellas put it, summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. And you can’t do that with an MP3 pocket player. You need a boombox. Sony’s Sports S2 fills the bill nicely. It looks, feels, and, best of all, sounds good. The uniquely designed unit is built around two tubular speaker chambers. The front drivers are offset at an angle, which gives the sound a wider dispersion, and the chambers are vented in the back to add more power to the bass. The CD player is positioned between the speakers and above a small, amber-colored display window. The unit has no cassette player, but it does have an AM/FM radio with a telescoping antenna and station presets. One of the S2’s primary attractions is its ability to play discs encoded with MP3 files. You can put more than 140 songs on one CD and hit shuffle play and listen to about seven hours of music. The S2 scores well in the power category. You can crank the volume up enough to fill a back yard and annoy your neighbors without hearing any distortion. The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal


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