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Cryptozoologists can add another legendary creature to their list: the Great Lake Monster dwelling, or so we hear, in Sweden’s fifth-largest lake. The site gives the history of this odd-looking critter along with a few possible explanations.


Very few things provoke a fonder smile than a look back at the past looking forward at the future. This site covers the misses (and occasional hits) of an earlier era’s futurists.


This pleasant site explains the basics of various business models, giving examples of which organizational models are appropriate for which undertakings.


This diagram shows what politically minded folk have been buying from the major online booksellers. See what the left and right are reading and worry about how rarely the lists overlap.


Are you, or do you know, a woman who’s trying hard to quit smoking? This project exists to give advice and support to wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends looking to kick the habit.

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