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Lucia’s Grey Dot returns

Fri., July 23, 2004

Lucia’s Grey Dot started as the solo project of Mordekye Layman.

Layman recorded himself on guitar, bass, vocals, keys and programmed drums – all at the age of 13.

But when it came to actually performing his avant-pop compositions, Layman needed help. So he recruited some friends – starting with Tyler Tupper, who didn’t even play any instruments at the time.

“I talked him into buying a bass and promised he could be in the band and I’d teach him to play,” Layman said.

Next, he needed a drummer. After the first prospect broke his back in a skiing accident, Tupper’s younger brother said he knew of a guy. But since no one takes a younger brother seriously, Tupper and Layman blew off Thomas Holman, until he submitted a tape.

“I was expecting something recorded in his sister’s garage on a karaoke machine,” Layman said. “Instead we got 25 minutes of jazz fusion that was panned for stereo.”

The fourth corner of the LGD square is cellist Chris Adare, who is influenced as much by Beethoven as he is Radiohead.

During the past two years, LGD – made up mostly of 2004 U-High graduates – has been “beating the all-ages scene to death,” as Layman puts it. That is, until a couple of months ago when LGD disappeared from local rock radio, retreating to record its forthcoming EP, “Presentiment,” at Black Coffee Recordings.

The brief hiatus from the stage ends tonight when LGD headlines at The Shop, 924 S. Perry. Also appearing is Anapsyksis, a cool two-piece indie-rock outfit with former members of Domestic Symphony. LGD will play an acoustic set. The first 50 people through the door will receive a preview single from “Presentiment,” which is due next month. The show starts tonight at 7 p.m. There is a $6 cover, $5 with coupon; visit for details.

Lucia’s Grey Dot’s moody, jazz-influenced new-wave-emo mixed with heavy, poetic lyrics, has been a favorite on the all-ages scene. And for a while, Laymen felt LGD was wearing out its welcome.

“We played too many shows in three venues. Nobody wants to see you every weekend,” Layman said.

But that’s not why they were noticeably absent from BOBfest this year. LGD declined to enter the annual all-ages band competition because the members thought they were over the age limit. They found out too late that they weren’t.

The next plan of attack for LGD is to play more bar shows and get more out-of-town exposure.

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