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Third Day’s Mark Lee

7 had a quick convo with Mark Lee, guitarist for Christian rock group Third Day. Here’s what he had to say about subjects such as “The Passion of The Christ,” touring in Spokane, and Aquaman.

7: Favorite book of the Bible

ML: “First John because it really talks about the love that defines God.”

7: “The Passion of the Christ:” Thumbs up or down?

ML: “Thumbs up. I was skeptical at first, I thought it was going to be another over-the-top Christian movie, almost pandering to the audience. But when they showed Peter denying Christ I almost broke down. It had me from there. It took a few days to process. I t

hought it was great that Mel stepped out to do this because it was not safe. We all need to be willing to take risks, that’s what our new album, ‘Wire’ is about — getting in the gap and not staying where it’s comfortable.”

7: Third Day comes to Spokane pretty often. What comes to mind when you think of returning to Spokane?

ML: “I love that part of downtown with the waterfalls. And I always try to buy a cool t-shirt at Boo Radleys. I love that store.”

7: What’s in your CD player right now?

ML: “Black Crowes’ greatest hits. I just got a new Marshall amp and that’s what they were using for their first couple of albums.”

7: Word has it that of all the superheroes in the universe, your money is on Aquaman. Why? The guy talks to fish.

ML: “I’m a noncomformist. I’ve never seen an Aquaman t-shirt. What if Superman had to fight Aquaman underwater? Who would rule the roost in the water? Would they be the same? I guess I just like him because he’s an underdog.”

7: Food or sleep. Choose one.

ML: “That’s a tough one. I’m known as the guy in the band that stays up late, but I love to sleep in. Then again there is nothing like some good food, like pizza or barbecue. Mmmmm, this is making me hungry.”

7: Last good movie you saw?

ML: ” ‘Shattered Glass.’ It’s a true story about a journalist who made up all of these stories. It’s an independent movie.”

7: Thanks for your time, Mark.

ML: Sure.