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Playfair site should be considered

(Vince Grippi) missed the point in his recent commentary regarding Albi Stadium. (“No reason to start anew on stadium,” May 13).

I too love the tradition of Albi, but neither (Grippi’s) sentimentality nor his unfounded political charges against Mayor West are what are at issue here. Simply stated, Spokane will need new sports facilities in the coming 25 years and it is appropriate to question whether Albi, an aging, financially draining, oddly sized, and poorly located stadium should be the flagship facility for future sports facility development in the Spokane area. To consider the 60-acre Playfair property, centrally located three blocks from the confluence of the North-South couplet and I-90 is reasonable. To not consider such a property with its huge access and convenience advantages for all Spokane metro users, would be grossly irresponsible. Other options should obviously be considered as well.

Albi Stadium, Playfair, and other property locations for new facilities should stand on their individual merit. (The) battle cry of “Save Albi” is not only premature, but reminds one of the “Save the Coliseum” campaign many years ago. Suffice it to say, that merit and the Spokane Veterans Arena prevailed!

Bill Etter