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Lottery numbers

Monday’s Washington Daily Game: 8-6-9.

Monday’s Washington Lucky for Life: 12-25-31-56.

Monday’s Washington Keno: 3-12-21-23- 26-29-33-34-35-42-49-53-55-59-62- 63-65-68-71-80

Today in history

1783: Gen. George Washington issued his “Farewell Address to the Army.”

1948: President Truman surprised the experts by being re-elected in a narrow upset over Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey.

1959: Charles Van Doren admitted to a House subcommittee that he’d been given questions and answers in advance when he appeared on the NBC TV quiz show “Twenty-One.”

1976: . Jimmy Carter became the first candidate from the Deep South since the Civil War to be elected president as he defeated incumbent Gerald R. Ford.

1994: A jury in Pensacola, Fla., convicted Paul Hill of murder of an abortion provider ; Hill was executed in September 2003.

2003: In Durham, N.H., V. Gene Robinson was consecrated as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church.