Experts say terror threat remains real

SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 2004

WASHINGTON – Government counterterror experts say the threat of an attack by al Qaeda remains a significant concern, perhaps even this year, although the nation safely passed the benchmark of the Nov. 2 election.

The Homeland Security Department this week lowered the terror alert for the financial sector in New York, Washington and northern New Jersey that was in place for three months. But authorities still caution the possibility of an attack is just as high as it was a month ago.

“The whole notion taking a deep breath and saying, ‘Wow, we got past this and now we are OK for a while’ is a … very dangerous train of thought,” Homeland Security Deputy Secretary James Loy said.

U.S. authorities said they remain concerned about the upcoming holidays, the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration and beyond. Loy said the time period does not have a termination date.


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