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Thu., Oct. 14, 2004

Where the candidates stand on poverty and social issues

President George W. Bush, RepublicanSen. John Kerry, DemocratDon Barbieri, Democrat, for U.S. House, 5th DistrictCathy McMorris, Republican, for U.S. House, 5th DistrictSen. Patty Murray, Democrat for U.S. SenateRep. George Nethercutt, Republican for U.S. Senate

Christine Gregoire,

Democrat for governor

Dino Rossi,

Republican for governor

Promotes faith-based solutions to poverty in partnership with government.

Would make tax cuts permanent as to improve the economy. Supports coordination of Head Start programs with other early childhood education; the creation of “opportunity zones” to reduce regulations and encourage development in poor neighborhoods; and the expansion of job training programs.

Create jobs by giving tax credits to companies that create new positions in America, and by ending tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs. Expand Head Start and early-childhood education programs, as well as after-school programs. Supports a health-care plan that would cover all children.

Supports raising the federal minimum wage to $7 by 2005.
As chairman of the Spokane chamber, I led the charge for a successful Community Empower-ment Zone program to bring jobs to neighborhoods with great needs. I’ll fight for educational assistance and retraining, to prepare our workers for better jobs of the future.Government must provide a safety net for the most needy in our society. But we shouldn’t be growing the government to grow jobs. Instead we must create a world-class education system and find ways to allow anyone who wants to attend college or other post-secondary schools to do so.Says government needs to concentrate on realistic solutions, providing more money for training, making sure transportation is available by placing low-income housing near public transit, and child care is available at off-hours for people forced to work odd shifts. Has backed extensions of unemployment insurance during recessions. Says creating jobs is his top priority, which he would do through economic stimulus from tax cuts, particularly an increase in the Child Tax Credit and an end to the marriage penalty and inheritance taxes. Wants more partnerships between the government and manufacturers to create jobs. Wants to provide access to health services and education. Supports health care for all children, working people and others who cannot afford to pay. Will explore ways of setting tuition and financial aid levels so that the price of college is fair and related to the ability to pay. Will work to expand capacity at our community and technical colleges. Rossi’s campaign did not respond to efforts to get his position.


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