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Meet the candidates

Sun., Oct. 24, 2004

Patty Murray


Personal: 53, married, with two adult children.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Washington State University, 1972.

Professional: Former teacher; former state senator.

Political: Served one term in the state Senate. Ran for U.S. Senate in 1992, beat Rep. Rod Chandler. Re-elected, 1998, beating Rep. Linda Smith.

Key issues: Supported the war in Afghanistan but opposed the war in Iraq; voted for funding for both. Supports veterans programs, opposed Bush administration plans to close VA Hospital in Walla Walla. Wants to protect high-tech and aerospace manufacturing jobs in Washington. Wants to use technology and innovation to drive down health care costs and make it more affordable. Wants to protect standards for clean air and clean water.

George Nethercutt


Personal: 59, married, with two children.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Washington State University, 1967; law degree, Gonzaga Law School, 1971.

Professional: Attorney, specializing in adoptions and family law, in practice with his wife in Spokane prior to 1995. Member of Congress since 1995.

Political: Former Spokane County Republican chairman. Ran for Congress in 1994, defeating House Speaker Tom Foley.

Key issues: Jobs, economic growth and health care, which he says are all things that determine the future of the country. Believes if nation can get economy going, everything will fall into place.

Supports President Bush’s decisions on Iraq and improving the nation’s intelligence capabilities; said that’s the biggest difference between himself and incumbent Patty Murray.


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