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Singapore plans program to reward highway manners

Tue., Oct. 26, 2004

SINGAPORE – In its latest effort to drive home good manners, Singapore plans to reward motorists for courteous behavior on the island’s roadways.

The government has launched a Road Courtesy Campaign urging drivers to wave and signal early when changing lanes.

“Whenever you start your car engine, why not consider what acts of courtesy and consideration for others you would display as you take to the roads that day,” said Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee.

“Spotters” will be in place watching for courteous drivers so they can be rewarded, Ho said Friday. Motorists spotted demonstrating good road behavior – such as signaling early, giving way, or waving to say thanks – will be given souvenirs and prizes.

Singapore, a tiny, wealthy city-state, is well-known for its campaigns to modify behavior. Among its efforts have been campaigns to teach Singaporeans to speak English properly, and to show people how to be more romantic.

Critics have denounced the numerous promotions of morality as Orwellian and condescending.


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