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Lottery numbers

Thu., Dec. 8, 2005

Wednesday Washington Daily Game: 4-9-4

Wed. Wash. Lotto: 2-15-26-28-34-36

No winner. Next jackpot $4.2 million

Wednesday Wash. Keno: 5-6-7-15-23- 29-36-39-40-42-46-51-52-57-59-


Wednesday Quinto hand: A (spade), J (spade), 6 (heart), 8 (diamond), 7 (club)

No winner. Next jackpot $2.58 million

Wednesday Powerball: 19-30-41-45-54

Power Ball: 14

Wednesday Wild Card: 7-16-17-18-31

Wild Card: K (club)

Wednesday Montana Cash: 9-12-21-26-28

Today in history

1941: The United States entered World War II as Congress declared war against Japan, a day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

1949: The Chinese Nationalist government moved from the Chinese mainland to Formosa as the Communists pressed their attacks.

1980: Rock star John Lennon was shot to death outside his New York City apartment building by an apparently deranged fan.


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