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Poland is singled out as key CIA detention site

BERLIN – A Human Rights Watch investigator said in remarks published Friday that Poland was the CIA’s main center for secretly detaining terror suspects in Europe. But the group later cautioned that it was too soon for any final conclusions because their investigation is still at an early stage.

Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper caused a stir when it published an interview with Marc Garlasco, a senior military analyst with the rights organization, saying his group had documents corroborating that Poland was the chief CIA detention site in Europe in a system of clandestine prisons for interrogating al-Qaida suspects.

“Poland was the main base of interrogating prisoners and Romania was more of a hub,” Garlasco was quoted as telling the newspaper. “This is what our sources from the CIA tell us and what is shown from the documents we gathered.”

But Human Rights Watch quickly distanced itself from those remarks, with one of its researchers, John Sifton, saying they “had left a misleading impression with some people” that the group has more evidence than it in fact does.

“The truth does not lie with the Human Rights Watch,” Sifton told the Associated Press. “It lies with Poland, Romania and all the governments in Europe which might have information about these activities.”