North Greenacres residents denied building moratorium


In the latest blow to residents of the north Greenacres neighborhood fighting to keep lot sizes large and development aligned with the existing look of the area, the Spokane Valley City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to deny their request for a moratorium on new building there.

“There is not an emergency here,” Councilman Steve Taylor said.

Council members also cited existing developments that would not stop building, rules in place to protect the environment and possible legal action against the city as reasons to deny the request.

“Our pastoral lifestyle is being threatened,” said Gail Sherrodd, one of about a dozen neighbors who testified in support of the moratorium citing traffic, environmental concerns and their desire to include a neighborhood plan for the area in the city’s new comprehensive plan.

Earlier, the Planning Commission recommended that the moratorium be denied.

Two planning commissioners, David Crosby and Bill Gothmann testified in support of that decision.

Crosby, testifying on behalf of the Spokane Association of Realtors, said there was not an emergency to justify a moratorium and that stalling development would threaten the Valley economy.


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