NYPD are the best-dressed officers in the nation


NEW YORK – They’re not just New York’s finest – they’re the nation’s fanciest.

A trade group representing the makers of every thread, button and Velcro strap on a police officer’s uniform Wednesday declared the New York Police Department the best-dressed peacekeepers in any large city.

Blue, it seems, really is the new black.

“The NYPD has worked to provide uniforms that are functional whether an officer is in the saddle, on a cart, riding a motorcycle or walking a beat,” said Donna J. Pierson, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors, which has handed out the awards for 27 years.

The NYPD has one of the most widely recognized uniforms in the world, worn by roughly 40,000 officers serving 8 million people.

Regular NYPD patrol officers wear an arresting navy-colored shirt, navy street-gear duty pants and a dark navy tie. Dark turtlenecks may be substituted. Higher-ranked officers wear white shirts and dark blue ties.

The Tucson, Ariz., and Pittsburgh police departments were in second and third place, respectively, with “outstanding achievement” and “honorable mention” awards in the 200-officer-plus category.


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