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Lottery numbers

Sunday’s Washington Daily Game: 1-2-8.

Sunday’s Washington Keno: 5-7-9- 16-21-22-25-29-37-42-46-47-53- 55-58-65-67-73-74-77.

Saturday’s Washington Daily Game: 5-5-5

Saturday’s Lotto: 10-14-28-38-39-47.

No winner. Next jackpot $6.9 million.

Sat. Keno: 1-4-5-8-11-15-18-20-22-24- 27-30-38-39-45-52-57-58-67-74.

Sat. Quinto: 2

, 5“, 10“, 9“, 3“.

No winner. Next jackpot $1.71 million.

Sat. Powerball: 08-15-17-32-48.

Power Ball: 24.

Sat. Wild Card: 2-3-14-24-25.

Wild Card: J“.

Sat. Montana Cash: 8-14-16-21-24.

Today in history

1863: Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was accidentally wounded by his own men at Chancellorsville, Va.; he died eight days later.

1945: The Soviet Union announced the fall of Berlin, and the Allies announced the surrender of Nazi troops in Italy and Austria.