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Area residents to graduate from UI

This concludes the list of North Idaho area students who are eligible to receive degrees from the University of Idaho during spring commencement ceremonies.

North Idaho students are listed by hometown.

Moyie Springs

Jon Q. Mesenbrink, B.A., German and B.A. International Studies.


Sandra Allison, M. Ed. Special Education; Amanda Haught, B.S. Anthropology.


Fauna S. Samuel

, B.S. Biological Systems Engineering and B.S. Mathematics.


Bennie Calabretta, M.S. Recreation.


Brian Carlson, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Jenny Ferreira, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education.


Crystal Silvers, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education.

Post Falls

Miranda Main, M.S. Entomology; Sharon Adcox, B.S. Family Consumer Sciences, Clothing, Textiles and Design; Jillian Malloy, B.S. Business, Management and Human Resources; Lora Blodgett-Whalen, M. Ed. Adult Education; Christian Melton, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; Rebecca Priano, M. Ed. Counseling and Human Services; Laura Umthun, M. Ed. Adult Education; Joseph Adamchak, B.S. Ed. Physical Education; Kimberly Ballard, B.S. Ed. Secondary Education; Kerry Clemons, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Ashlee Copper, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Craig Morris, B.S. Ed. Professional-Technical Education; Kerinsa Sanborn, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Craig Blood, Master of Engineering Management; David Nadler, B.S. Computer Science; Michael Simmons, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Joel Stobie, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Shannon Allen, B.S. Psychology and B.S. Music: Theory; Thomas Benapfl, B.A., History; Luke Denman, B.A., Political Science; Jillian Malloy, B.A., Spanish; Marc Mitcham, B.A., History and B.S. Political Science; Riane Murphy, B.S. Public Relations; Andrew Wallace, B.S. Psychology; Emily Denn, B.S. Mathematics-General Option; Andrew Wallace, B.S. Biology.


Brooke Howell, B.S. Animal Science, Agribusiness; Mark Sawyer, B.S. Agriculture Education, Teaching Option; Suzanne Sawyer, B.S. Ed. Physical Education; Dianne Mallory, M.S. Neuroscience; Douglas Jones, M.F.A., Creative Writing; Alison Folk, B.S. Visual Communication; Clark Watry, M.S. Fishery Resources.

Priest Lake

Michael L. Greene, B.S. Horticulture.

Priest River

Levi Brennan, B.S. Business, Finance and B.S. Business Marketing; Lance Clark, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; Jennifer Schrempp, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Melanie Cary Trost, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Anthony Ganzer, B.S. Journalism.


Jennifer Crupper, B.S. Agriculture Education, Teaching Option; Maren Jorgensen, B.S. Business, Management and Human Resources and B.S. Business Marketing; Craig Solum, B.S. Business, Marketing; Ethelle Bartosovsky, Education Specialist in Adult Education, Adult-Organizational Learning; Joey James, Education Specialist in School Psychology; Lanette Livingston-Clark, M. Ed. Counseling and Human Services; Teresa Viebrock, M. Ed. Counseling and Human Services; Kathleen Turner, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Darth Wright, B.S. Ed. Secondary Education; Brian Auer, M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Daniel Drew, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; William Solum, B.S. Electrical Engineering; Hilary Bradbury, J.D. Law; Paul Vanek, M.A., English; Richard Davis, B.S. Crime and Justice Studies; Shallece Mecham, B.S. Psychology; Stephanie Jenkins, B.S. Natural Resources Ecology Option.


Joe West, M. Ed. Counseling and Human Services; Shasta Hankins, B.F.A., Theatre Arts; Matthew Ross, B.S. Public Communication; Tasha Thomas, B.A., Public Communication; Christopher Christensen, B.S. Forest Products-Timber Harvest Option; Miles Beaux, B.S. Physics; Nicole Rogers, B.S. Chemistry-Pre-Medical Option.

St. Maries

Lucas Ware, B.S. Animal Science, Science-Preveterinary; Brian Cowin, B.S. Athletic Training; Deborah Davis, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Jessie Waddell, B.A., Journalism and Mass Communications; Wade Hendricks, B.S. Forest Products-Timber Harvest Option.


Joseph Nelson, B.S. Business, Finance-Financial Planning Option; Melody Lynch, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Meghan Ridley, B.S. Ed. Special Education and B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Laura Siegford, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Steven Carter, B.S. Civil Engineering; Jeffrey West, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Benjamin Zmuda, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Justin Boeck, M.S. Environmental Science; Travis Dickson, M.S. Environmental Science; William Schaudt, M.S. Psychology; Charliann Becker, B.A., English; Elizabeth Buchanan-Dalessio, B.A., Journalism; Nathan Copley, B.S. Architecture; John Hawkins, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Jonathan Huyck, B.S. Visual Communication; Erin Loman, B.S. Psychology; Brian Hobday, B.S. Forest Products-Timber Harvest Option; Eron Singleton, M.S. Geology; Steven Smith, B.S. Geological Science-General Geology Option; Melinda Walden, B.S. Biology.


Aaron Stancik, B.S. Chemistry: General.

Spirit Lake

Jordan Ballinger, B.S. Molecular Biology/Biochemistry; Ian Melton, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; Eric Bakie, M.S. Electrical Engineering; Rory Olson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering.

St. Maries

Jennifer Baerlocher, B.S. Family Consumer Sciences, Family Life Option; Lauren Cuvala, B.S. Business, Marketing; Erin Fly, B.S. Business, Finance; Kathleen Davis, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction; Amanda Tams, M.S. Physical Education; Suzanna Altsuler, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Ryan Eccles, B.S. Ed. Elementary Education; Gayle Mangis, B.S. Ed. Secondary Education; Elaine Green, M.F.A., Art; Elijah Fly, B.S. Visual Communication; Kira Furman, B.A., Anthropology; Jessie Waddell, B.A., Spanish.


Darren Teal, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.


Lacey Bigford, B.S. Business, Production-Operations Management and B.S. Business Information Systems; Kristi Trout, M.S. Physical Education; John Geidl, B.S. Computer Engineering; Karee Bohman, B.S. Communication Studies; Aarika Dobbins, B.A., Theatre Arts; Lisa Johnson, B.S. Psychology; Tyler Thompson, B.S. Crime and Justice Studies.


Joshua Lazzarini, B.S. Crime and Justice Studies; Jim Orcutt, B.S. Political Science; Daniel Foreman, B.S. Biology.


Joseph Cote, B.S. Electrical Engineering.