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Musicfest Northwest announces awards

Wed., May 11, 2005

Musicfest Northwest has announced the results of the first two days of competition at Gonzaga University.

CA - Denotes Certificate of Award.


Piano division

Class 11, Open concerto, college and adult: CA, gold, Maho Sone; CA, silver, Alyssa Bowen, David Brewster.

Class 105.2, Ensemble, senior (college and adult): CA, gold, Luperahia Duo (Kezia Schrag, Matthew Pilcher); CA, silver, Two P’s (Jani Peterson, Matthew Pilcher).

Class 16, Baroque, college and adult: CA, gold, Tara Swanson; CA, silver, Christina Elliott.

Class 1, young artists: CA, gold, Ashley Oakley; CA, silver, Catherine Schaefer, Christian Liu, Alexander Bernstein, CA, Ken Queener, Rebecca Jordan, Chad Spears.

Class 30, impressionist, college and adult: CA, gold, Keith Petersen; silver, Melissa Clark.

Class 63, original composition, college and adult: CA, gold, Daniel Houglum; silver, Joanna Huffaker.

Class 26, romantic, college and adult: CA, gold, Maho Sone; CA, silver, Kezia Schrag, Lyrica Mueller, CA, Richard Huddleston, Laurel Shetler, Christina Elliott, Benjamin Fowler, Elizabeth Tailleur, Laura Smith, Heidi Corder, Molly Petrik.

Class 20, Bach, college and adult: CA, gold, Molly Petrik; CA, silver, Nola Swanson, CA, Paul Lofing, Matthew Pilcher, Levi Larson, Elizabeth Webster, Laura Smith, Jenna Moline, Benjamin Fowler.

Class 33, Haydn or Mozart sonata, college and adult: CA, gold, Lydia Welhan; CA, silver, Jani Peterson.

Class 36, Beethoven sonata, college and adults: CA, gold, Matthew Pilcher; CA, silver, Tara Swanson, CA, Emily Martin, David Brewser, Tracy Fickenwirth, Alyssa Bowen.

Class 201.2, ensemble, college and adult: CA, gold, The Mitya Trio (Rebecca Jordan, Kyla Hills, Lindsay Hills).

Class 42, 20th Century, college and adults: CA, gold, Laurel Shetler, Tara Swanson; CA, silver, Keith Petersen, Mary Doornink, CA, Christina Elliott, Benjamin Fowler, Kristopher Wettstein.

String division

Class 1, young artist: CA, gold, Joy Adams; CA, silver, Stephanie Tintinger.

Class 4, solo, level 3: CA, gold, Anna Kimball, Isaac Paster-Chermak; silver, Jonathan Torkelson, Min-Khyung Park.

Voice division

Class 1, young artist: CA, gold, Rachel Willis; CA, silver, Emily Callendar, CA, Alainna Fielding, Sarah Franco, Emily Burr, Heather Holzapfel.

Class 3, open aria, 25 years and older: CA, gold, Carissa Simpson.

Class 5, solo, grade 8: CA, gold, Logan Villarreal; CA, silver, Cynthia Bauder, CA, Katie Baker.


Ballet division

Class 5, adjudication, intermediate B: CA, Kelsey Piva.

Class 4, adjudication, intermediate A: CA, McKenna Mitchell, Anna Swenson, Meghan Broderius, Anna Marie Schaefer, Alyssa Herzinger.

Brass division

Class 1, young artist: CA, gold, Jeffrey Burkert; CA, silver, Vincent LaBelle; silver, Andrew Fudge, Jessica Jones.

Class 2, solo, grades 4-5: CA, gold, David Ross.

Class 3, solo, grades 6-8: CA, gold, Victoria Karschney.

Class 4, solo, grades 9-10: CA, gold, Adelle Goettel; silver, Dara Zack.

Class 5, solo, grades 11-12: CA, gold, Dan Christensen; silver, Marina Gresham.

Class 6, solo, college and adult: CA, gold, Denise Snider.

Class 7, sonata – concerto, grades 11-12: CA, gold, Melissa Lindsay.

Class 101, ensemble, open to grades 5-college: CA, gold, Horn Quartet (Timothy Herold, Daniel Christensen, Jeffrey Burkert, Laura Collins); silver, Casey’s Boys (Mark Leber, Nathan Seppi).

Piano division

Class 2, solo, elementary: CA, gold, Alex Zhu, Giacobbe Byrd; CA, silver, Colin Holmes, Laura True.

Class 9, open concerto, grades 9-10: CA, gold, Daniel Chiang; CA, silver, Jou-an Li; CA, Jasmine Nagano.

Class 67, open, grades 9-10: CA, Hayley McCord, Claire Min-Venditti, Michelle Sutherland.

Class 32, Haydn or Mozart sonata, grades 11-12: CA, silver, Joseph Reeves, Jacob Torkelson, Kelsie Kinion; CA, Karen Doornink, Paige Hill.

Class 65, open, grades 4-6: Shadrach Kelly, Sarah Smith.

Class 66, open, grades 7-8: CA, Erin Johnston, Taylor Pearson.

Class 34, Beethoven, sonata, grades 9-10: CA. gold, Emily Stearns; CA, silver, Nicolas Johnson; CA, Kayley Martenson, Emily Liu, Daniel Chiang, Edward Liu, Christopher Lamb.

Class 40.1, 20th Century, grade 9: CA, gold, selected for adjudicator’s choice playoff, Daniel Chiang; CA, silver, Timothy Krippner; CA, Alyson Simeone, Claire, Min-Venditti.

Class 13.3, Baroque, grade 6: CA, gold, Yihao Jiang; CA, silver, Elise Kinne; CA, Lauren Cosgrove, Sean Dvorak.

Class 5, solo, junior: silver, Bobbisue Isackson, Khrystyne Khaligi, Karen Doornink.

Class 24.1, romantic, grade 9: CA, gold, selected for adjudicator’s choice playoff, Timothy Krippner; CA, silver, Daniel Chiang, Alexander Scott, Edward Liu, Emily Stearns; CA, Paul Adams, Gregory Doornink, Jou-an Li, Alyson Simeone.

Class 64, open grades 1-3: CA, Louis Pennings, Rianne Baker, Lauren Helmbrecht, Ford Call, Pingbo Zhou, Hannah Ewert, Ryan Campbell, Sarah Dever, Emily Keeny, Sterling Wallace, Sarah Vesneske.

Class 15.2, Baroque, grade 10: CA, gold, selected for adjudicator’s choice playoff, Benjamin Walley; CA, silver, Veronica Marcelo, Briana Loftus; CA, Charissa Wildes, Christopher Lamb, Devon Wood.

Class 38.2, 20th Century, grade 5: CA, gold, June Kim; CA, silver, Hannah Park; CA, Rachel Jo, Alison Price.

Class 52, quick study, junior: CA, Emily Day, Lingbo Tong, Elizabeth Rainey, Jasmine Nagano, Amanda Trail, Jacob Torkelson.

Class 68, open, grades 11-12: CA, Kaitlin Sullivan, Jourden Simmons.

Class 28, impressionist, grades 9-10: CA, gold, selected for adjudicator’s choice playoff, Christina Torkelson; CA, silver, Houston Hough; CA, Sarah Bowen, Julianne Zahl, Khrystyne Khaligi, Jou-an Li.

Class 38.1, 20th Century, grade 4: CA, gold, Mike Ma; CA, silver, Madison Rountree; CA, Joshua Latimer, Priscilla Call.

Voice division

Class 7, solo, grade 10: CA, gold, Melanie Merrill; CA, Lauren Randolph.

Class 2, open aria, young aria – ages 18 to 24: CA, silver, Rebecca Smith, Emily Kelleher; CA, Kelleen Barham.

Class 16, Spanish and Portuguese songs, ages 18 and older, advanced: CA, gold, Hannah Kimball.

Class 10, solo, college and adult: CA, gold, Sarah Shea; CA, Adam Cogswell.

Class 20, Italian, college and adult: CA, gold, Shannon Baker; CA, Melissa Bennett.

Class 4, solo: CA, silver, Spencer Brame, Kiley Koehler, Theresa Morin, Monica Powers.

“ The Recreational Sports Department at North Idaho College recently earned first place in the T-shirt and apparel category of the professional development competition at the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association Conference held in Orlando, Fla.

The winning entry was an officials’ T-shirt depicting the image of a cardinal on an officiating whistle on the front, and the text “Earned, never given” on the back.

The T-shirts, which earned top honors against other recreational sports departments from both two-year and four-year colleges and universities, were designed by Underground Expressions in Coeur d’Alene under the direction of the NIC Recreational Sports Department.

The T-shirts are given to the 20 to 40 students who successfully complete a season as an intramural sports official.

The student board of editors of the tri-annually published Idaho Law Review were honored at University of Idaho’s April Honors Convocation. The honorees, Susan Moss and Jeffrey Brownson, both of Coeur d’Alene, and James McMillan of Silverton, edit and publish the journal while overseeing scholarly discussion of timely legal issues.

“The University of Idaho’s student chapter of the Wildlife Society recently earned the title of Western Division Wildlife Student Conclave Champions for the second consecutive year at a recent quiz bowl competition in Arcata, Calif.

Local student team members include club president Mackenzie Shardlow of Post Falls and Samantha Cisney of Spokane.

“Area residents attending University of Idaho recently had their video projects shown at the UI Moscow Kino Digital Media Showcase.

The selected students were Will Stafford, Tyler Wilson and John Park, all of Coeur d’Alene; Fred McNeill and Troy Klika, both of Hayden; Kevin Lind and Ricky Lyman, both of Moscow; and Corey Jenkins of Troy.

Featured works included music videos, documentaries and short dramas that were limited in length to 20 minutes or less.


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