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MONDAY, OCT. 31, 2005

Sunday’s Washington Daily Game: 8-5-3.

Sunday’s Washington Keno: 2-11-15- 16-17-20-21-22-24-25-28-30-35-52-64- 65-72-76-77-80.

Saturday’s Washington Daily Game: 8-8-8.

Saturday’s Washington Lotto: 5-6-8-9-30-41. No winner. Next jackpot $6.5 million.

Saturday’s Washington Keno: 3-5-9-12- 13-14-24-27-28-33-34-53-56-57- 61-66-71-78-79-80.

Saturday’s Quinto hand: 5 (spade), 10 (heart), K (diamond), 10 (diamond), 7 (diamond).

No winner. Next jackpot $1.57 million.

Saturday’s Powerball: 14-19-22-41-50. Power Ball: 21.

Saturday’s Wild Card: 07-08-11-21-22. Wild Card: J (heart).

Saturday’s Montana Cash: 08-18-19-21-23.

Today in history

1517: Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Palace church, marking the start of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

1795: Poet John Keats was born in London.

1864: Nevada became the 36th state.


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