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The Slice: Just have ‘em back by 9

Slice exchange rate: Two
Slice exchange rate: Two "Queen Annes" equals two "Vanessa Behans." (The Spokesman-Review)

A Swedish library has come up with an idea Spokane ought to steal.

Say you’re interested in finding out about lesbians or animal rights activists. Instead of just checking out a book that describes these folks and their activities, you can “borrow” a real live human being.

You could go to lunch with a lesbian or spend an hour visiting in the library with an animal rights activist.

The idea is, if you actually meet someone who personifies a certain profession, lifestyle or social trend, you might come face-to-face with your own prejudices and learn a few things.

This could really work here.

Who would you want to check out? A diehard Coug? A golfer? A Lilac Princess? A newspaper reporter? A Jim West defender? A North Idaho Democrat? A meth user? A police officer? A teenager who thinks the way he/she dresses is appealing? A grass burner? Transplanted Californian? A survivalist? A conspiracy buff? A yard-sale addict? A lawyer? Someone who doesn’t own an SUV?

“Home games: Underground college football statistician Bob Kirlin has come up with a new category: Local street addresses that correspond with winning seasons.

Take the address 1923 E. Illinois, for example. Well, in 1923, Illinois was 8-0.

Here are some more.

1914 E. Nebraska … Nebraska was 7-0-1 in 1914.

1937 E. Marshall … Marshall was 9-0-1 in 1937.

1907 W. Carlisle … Carlisle was 10-1 in 1907.

1903 E. Columbia … Columbia was 9-1 in 1903.

1905 W. Indiana … Indiana was 8-1-1 in 1905.

1922 N. Washington … Washington was 6-1-1 in 1922.

“Early warning system: “In 1959, all the neighbor kids caught the school bus at Mission and Flora,” wrote Kristy Bennett, who went to Greenacres Elementary.

One day, that group of children was called into the principal’s office. They were warned not to play in the big old barn behind the bus stop. It could fall down on their heads any day, they were told.

“Every time I drive by that barn I think of that warning,” said Bennett. “Forty-six years later, that barn is still going strong and in better shape than I am.”

“Second opinion: “The OB/GYN who delivered both my kids had a habit of calling all his patients ‘Sunshine,’” wrote a reader I’ll call Sunshine’s Mom. “That way, he didn’t have to remember their names or even look at the charts. Did he really think he was fooling anyone?”

“To coin a phrase: “I work at Safeway,” wrote Lynn Nordhagen. “Customers have asked me for ‘Vanessa Behans,’ and for ‘Queen Annes.’ It turns out in each case that they meant Susan B. Anthony dollar coins.”

“Slice answer: “It would appear that most people in Spokane subscribe to the shared myth that…the streets are smoother in other cities.” — Keri Yirak

“Today’s Slice question: How long would you last as a teacher?


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