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It’s time to move on

I hope Adam Morrison does not change his mind and stay at Gonzaga for his senior year. From a business perspective, NBA teams are obligated to pay first-round draft picks a certain amount each year for three years depending on how high they’re drafted. As it is, he’s a top-five pick, but there are a lot of reasons he could drop if he stuck around next year. It’s about a $2 million difference between the first pick and, say, the seventh pick.

The longer he sticks around, the longer pro scouts have time to dissect his game and find weaknesses. He would probably become a better, more well-rounded player if he stuck around, but what if he gets hurt or what if he has a slump and he’s viewed as a kid with no upside who has diabetes? He falls in the draft, ends up on a good team, gets no playing time, etc.

The real heart of the matter is Morrison isn’t challenged by college ball anymore, and he will only hold the other Zags back from becoming their own players. He’s ready, and I think Gonzaga is ready, to move on. The Sonics will be in the lottery. Maybe they can draft him and together they can forge the most defensively inept team in the history of basketball.

David Wittstock



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