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Highlights of the compromise

Details of a tentative compromise in the Senate on immigration and border security:

“Allows illegal immigrants in the country for five years or more to remain and continue working. They can apply for legal permanent residency after working six more years. They must pay fines and back taxes, learn English and clear a background check. After five years of legal permanent residency, they could apply for U.S. citizenship.

“Illegal immigrants in the country for two to five years have three years to gather material to qualify for a change in status. They would then have to go to a border port of entry, and return as temporary workers. In the fourth year as legal temporary workers they can apply for permanent residency.

“Requires illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for less than two years to leave. They could apply for temporary worker visas or legal permanent residency from their home country.

“Creates a special guest worker program for an estimated 1.5 million immigrant farmworkers, who could also earn legal permanent residency.

“Provides 325,000 temporary visas for future workers.

“Increases the number of employer-based green cards, those available for workers whose employers file petitions on their behalf, from 290,000 to 450,000 per year.

“Adds up to 14,000 new Border Patrol agents by 2011 to the current force of 11,300 agents, for a potential total of 25,300.

“Authorizes unmanned vehicles, cameras and sensors to monitor the Mexico border.

“Authorizes additional detention facilities for apprehended illegal immigrants.


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