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ABA condemns Bush bill practice


The American Bar Association on Tuesday approved a resolution condemning President Bush’s practice of writing exceptions to legislation he signs into law.

Delegates, representing 410,000 members, at the ABA’s annual meeting approved the resolution objecting to any president using bill signing statements as a way of diluting or changing laws rather than using an outright veto.

Bush has vetoed only one bill, on stem cell research, but written exceptions to some 800 legislative provisions, more than all previous presidents combined.

The Bush statements say the president reserves the right to revise, interpret or disregard measures on national security and constitutional grounds.

“The Constitution says the president has two choices: either sign the bill or veto it. And if you sign it, you can’t have your hand behind your back with your fingers crossed,” said Michael Greco, the ABA’s outgoing president.

Marshall, Texas

Truck crash proves fatal for 4 penguins

A truck transporting zoo animals overturned Tuesday, spilling about two dozen penguins, tropical fish and an octopus onto an east Texas highway, authorities said.

“We had a penguin wreck,” Department of Public Safety Trooper Richard Buchanan said

The driver, Kelly Hodge, and a passenger sustained minor scratches and bruises. The Indianapolis Zoo employees were taking the animals to Moody Gardens in Galveston when Hodge lost control of the truck on U.S. Highway 59, Buchanan said.

The penguins were traveling in heavy tubs, which broke open when the truck crashed. Three penguins were killed by oncoming traffic; one died in the crash. Another penguin suffered a broken wing.

The octopus and fish were being transported in water-filled plastic bags. The octopus survived, but some of the fish died when the bags burst.

Troopers and workers from a nearby zoo in Tyler helped corral the surviving penguins. They were examined and then sent on to Galveston.


Shooting suspects charged in slayings

Two men accused in more than a yearlong shooting spree were charged Tuesday with murder and attempted murder involving 16 people.

Prosecutors also added 16 counts of drive-by shooting in a 17-page complaint filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.

“These alleged crimes have caused carnage and terror in our community,” County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas said in a statement. “I am confident that justice will be done.”

An Aug. 14 preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dale S. Hausner, 33, and Samuel J. Dieteman, 30, who were arrested Thursday night in the apartment they shared in suburban Mesa.

In a jailhouse interview Monday, Hausner said he was innocent but that it was possible his roommate was responsible for the shootings. Dieteman refused interview requests.


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