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Employer match a big boost for fund

Tue., Dec. 12, 2006

As do a number of local companies, the owners of Landmark Restaurants matched employee donations and sent a generous $7,200 donation to the Christmas Fund.

The $7,200 boosted the day’s donations to $20,520. The community has donated $124,301.38 to the fund, which pays for Christmas fixings distributed at the Christmas Bureau at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center.

“Our locally owned company has roughly 200 employees who contribute all year long through voluntary payroll deductions,” wrote Larry Brown and Ken Belisle, partners in Landmark Restaurants. “Our team members from the downtown and North Division Onion Restaurants and downtown and north Spokane Frank’s Diners are excited to be able to participate in such a worthy cause. We are truly proud to be associated with them.

“This year our crew raised $3,600, which Landmark Restaurants matches and is grateful for the opportunity to participate,” Brown and Belisle continued. “Our company values that 100 percent of this money goes directly to creating a merrier Christmas for deserving children and families in the Spokane area. God bless you for all the work you are doing for our community.”

On Monday, 903 families were provided food vouchers for a holiday dinner at the Christmas Bureau. The vouchers totaled $26,865. In addition, the charity served 1,497 adults and distributed Christmas toys for 1,550 children.

The child care area at the bureau has been particularly busy this year, according to bureau organizers. The volunteers have given out nearly all of the 750 wooden toy trucks made by the Hoo Hoo Woodworkers group. But after midday today, children who play in the child care room while their parents are selecting Christmas toys will be sent home with teddy bears.

The Spokane Chiefs hockey club held a teddy bear toss during the Chiefs’ game Saturday night. The 6,612 fans threw 3,032 teddy bears and other stuffed toys onto the ice after the Chiefs’ first goal. The Chiefs will deliver the bears to the bureau today.

The bureau will remain open through Saturday this week. It closes for the season on Dec. 20. Generous donations are needed to pay for this holiday charity, which bureau organizers estimate will require $485,000. Donors and their donations will be published daily in the newspaper. Donors who wish to remain anonymous should indicate their wishes on the donation check, or in an accompanying note. Donors who contribute through PayPal and want a note to accompany the donation should e-mail their note to; PayPal forwards only the donation amount to the newspaper.

Following are the other donors and their donations:

The Spokane Regional Plan Center sent $2,000 and a letter: “Since 1994, the Spokane Regional Plan Center and its members have been proud to donate to this most worthy cause; this year with the enclosed check, we continue that tradition. We further challenge other construction related organizations to donate whatever they are able and hope all those in the community that are considering a donation keep in mind the families and children these donations benefit,” wrote chairman Dean Childs.

Michael and Virginia Berg, of Spokane, donated $1,600.

An anonymous donor, of Spokane, donated $1,000.

Jim and Melissa Tipke, of Spokane, sent $500 and a note: “Many thanks to all of the Christmas Bureau volunteers. Without all of your love and giving, Christmas time would be very sad for many people in Spokane.”

Gary and JoAnn Owens, of Spokane, also donated $500, as did Fred and Norrine Potts, also of Spokane.

John Baumhofer, of Spokane, donated $500 in memory of his mother.

Selma and Eugene Young, of Spokane, donated $404.

An anonymous donor, of Spokane, gave $400.

Lorraine Burghard, of Moses Lake, sent $300 in memory of her daughter, Vicki Burghard, and her mother Coral Seibel, “who always gave to the Christmas Fund.”

Lowell and Betty Brooks, of Spokane, sent $300, as did Spokane Production Service Inc.

Spokane Falls Chapter No. 34, International Footprint Association, donated $250, as did the Domineys, Mike and Kathy Eaton, and Viola Stern, all of Spokane. Rich, Jenny and Saralyn Brookfield, of Spokane, sent $250 and a note: “We are honored to be able to contribute to the best fundraising group there is. Hope this helps those who are struggling just to survive day to day. May God bless the people managing the fund, they are angels on earth.”

The students from Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute, of Spokane, donated $202.36, money they collected so that others may enjoy the Christmas season, they wrote.

Harris Properties, of Spokane, sent $200.

Prasti Vinje Purdum, Astrid Vinje and Michelle Vinje, of Spokane, donated $110.

Jeff and Brenda Danner, of Spokane Valley, donated $100, as did Charlotte and Paul Hudson, of Clayton, Wash.; John and Janet Hooper, of Liberty Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Don Lippman, of Otis Orchards; Thomas and Nipha Klosiewies, of Airway Heights; Phil and Joann Anderson, of Veradale; and Delmer and Shirley Nokes, of Colbert.

Eric and Marian Anderson, of Spokane, donated $100, as did Heidi and Leonard Preston, Lois Critzer, John and Suzy Miller, Dick and Donita Day, Eileen Thorpe, James and Rachel Zarkos, Robert Breidenbach, and three anonymous donors, also all of Spokane.

The Inspiration Quartet, of Spokane, donated $100 and sang carols at the Christmas Bureau.

Colleen Birchill, of Spokane, donated $100 in memory of Jack. Dolores Hein, of Spokane, sent $100 and a note: “My husband of 59 years and I have been happy to donate to the Christmas Fund for many years. Even though the Lord took him to a better place on Nov. 10, I feel it is in his memory I send our donation.”

Joe and Ann Greff, of Cheney, sent $100 on behalf of their children, “who are giving up their usual Christmas gift from us to help those in need.”

An anonymous donation of $100, reported previously, was made in memory of John and Tina Patterson.

Dick and Delores Solberg, of Greenacres, gave $75.

The South Hill Bunco Babes (and one North Sider), of Spokane, donated $60. “As part of our December Bunco night, we usually have an ornament exchange,” they wrote. “This year we decided to instead give what we spend on our ornaments to your very worthy Christmas Fund. We know that this money will be well spent helping others.”

Louise Holmes, of Othello, Wash., sent $50, as did Carol Lippman, of Otis Orchards; Mike Hughes, Mary Lou Downhour, James and Muriel Tuttle, Preston and Carolyn Smith, and Mary and Shelbon Heinzerling, all of Spokane.

The Ulibarri family, of Spokane, sent $50 in memory of Ken and Ken Jr.

Robert and Patricia Edelblote, of Spokane Valley, gave $50, as did Virginia and Theodore Czechowski, and an anonymous donor, all of Spokane.

Gene and Sandra Fiksdal, of Spokane, donated $50 in loving memory of their parents.

Will and Betty Birr, of Spokane Valley, donated $50 in memory of two grandsons, Joseph Guatney and Greg Allison. Ernie and JoAnn Brenden, of Spokane, sent $50, “in memory of our grandson, Scott, remembered for his loving and generous heart.”

Jay, Debbie, Zack and Jenna Humphrey, of Spokane, sent $30 in memory of Vera Romero and Dorothy Williams.

Greg and Monica Dunn, of Spokane, donated $30, as did Francis and Agnes Gonder, of Spokane Valley.

Cheryl Scheideman, of Spokane, sent $25, as did Steve, Cynthia, Kyile and Kaitlyn LeBlanc, of Greenacres; and Robert and Barbara Jensen, of Spokane Valley. An anonymous donor, of Spokane, sent $25, “in memory of my mother who taught me love, acceptance of all people, and was generous in her heart and spirit.”

Jeannie Greene, of Spokane, sent $25 and a note: “I would bet we’re one of the most generous ‘little towns’ in the ‘ol West. Keep the faith, we will meet the goal.”

Jan Liane donated $23.97 through PayPal.

Fern Showacre, of Spokane, sent $20.


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