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A boring prelude

Sun., Feb. 26, 2006, midnight

This past Sunday, I dutifully tuned in to NBC at the advertised time of 10:30 for the Daytona 500 only to see interview upon interview of drivers, owners, crew chiefs, sponsors, fans and everybody it seems except the drunk who sleeps under the bleachers at turn three.

Then I was treated to the breath-taking gyrations of Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi? How’d he become a part of NASCAR’s big race? Is the France family now after the only demographic it lacks – prepubescent, pimply-faced teenage girls?

I ended up tuning in the Food Network until the race began an hour and 10 minutes later. I’d rather see a rain delay at Daytona than Bon Jovi, but, at least, I now know how to cook the perfect omelet. And the four most famous words in motor sports racing should be “shut up and race.”

Fred White

Newman Lake


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