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Police were initially told Zehm had stolen money

The following is a time-compressed account of the police radio traffic on the Otto Zehm response:

Dispatcher: A white male in his 40s with long blond hair wearing a black jacket and jeans.

Dispatcher: He’s still bent down messing with the ATM machine, and the complainant thinks he appears to be high.

Dispatcher: Got some sort of money in his hand and now he’s taken off running towards New Harbor. And now they’re going to transfer the call into us. You sure you don’t want a 13?

Radio traffic: Yeah you can start one. …

Dispatcher: He’s eastbound on Nora now. Another complainant’s advising that they had left their card in the machine when the subject scared them off, and they’d used … make that, the suspect had used their money.

Dispatcher: And she’s actually describing it as a white male with long reddish blond hair wearing a black jacket and boots.

Radio traffic: I’m in the area.

Dispatcher: He’s walking southbound Ruby against traffic now.

Radio traffic: I’ll try to get down there.

Radio traffic: Do you happen to know what side of the street he’s on, east or west?

Dispatcher: I’ll check, standby. And he’s actually at the White Elephant now, and the complainant did get her card back.

Radio traffic: Copy. Just to confirm, he took her money.

Dispatcher: Affirm.

Radio traffic: I’d be out at the White Elephant, and I’ll check on the Ruby side.

Radio traffic: He’s just walking into the Zip Trip.

Dispatcher: Now the complainant’s advising she’s not entirely positive that he did get her money. She did not get a chance to go back and check.

Radio traffic: (Inaudible). He’s fighting pretty good.

Radio traffic: Code six.

Dispatcher: Code six at the Zip Trip on Division.

Radio traffic: We still need a unit here.

Dispatch: Copy. Still need further units at the Zip Trip, 1712 North Division.

Radio traffic: We’re inside the store.

Dispatcher: Copy and they are inside the store.

Radio traffic: Couple blocks off.

Radio traffic: Slow them down.

Dispatcher: En route 257, I copied slow it down to the Zip Trip.

Radio traffic: We have enough units at the Zip Trip now.

Dispatcher: Copy. Enough units at the Zip Trip. Is it OK to go back to normal?

Radio traffic: (Inaudible) traffic for a second. You can tell everybody else to slow down though.

Radio traffic: Where’s our complainant?

Dispatcher: Should be waiting right outside there in a white Dodge Intrepid.

Radio traffic: Outside the Zip Trip here?

Dispatcher: Affirm.


Dispatcher: Copy. Is it going to be a Taser deployment?

Radio traffic: Affirm.

Dispatcher: And where did the Tasers go to?

Dispatcher: They need to know where on his body the Tasers went.

Radio traffic: We’ll need a corporal here as well.

Dispatch: Still en route. And can you advise where the Taser probes went?

Radio traffic: His upper torso. He was balled up. Couldn’t tell exactly where they went.

Dispatcher: Copy.

Radio traffic: You can unrestrict now.

Dispatcher: Channel one will be back to normal. (Inaudible).

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