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Look at my treasure!

Tue., March 28, 2006

Ora Straube loves antiques. She has collected interesting finds for years. Recently, one of her favorite pieces developed its own story.

Over the last few years, the image of a Norman cross has appeared on a large framed mirror. The silver behind the glass is mottled with age, but the faint image of the cross is noticeable.

Although she didn’t attach any particular significance to the image, Straube wondered what might be causing it to appear. With a photographer near, she removed the piece of wood that covered the back of the mirror.

The mystery was solved.

A manufacturer’s stamp, placed on the back of the mirror when it was made, was deteriorating the reflective silver, leaving the shape of the stamp visible from the front.

Straube is satisfied and the mirror is still a favorite piece.

“The whole thing has been fun,” she said. “And I still love it.”


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