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Huckleberries: Kralicek has no qualms about scene of his shooting

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 2006

Many have followed Mike Kralicek’s brave battle back toward normalcy after the then-CPD Blue was shot in the face while making an arrest in the Grouse Meadows subdivision. Some of you know that Mike and wife, Carrie, are real estate agents for Century 21 Beutler and Associates. Have you ever wondered what would happen when the twain met – when Mike’s current job crossed paths with the trauma of that night that he now remembers, Dec. 28, 2004? In an e-mail to Huckleberries Central and others Tuesday, Carrie describes what happened when the Kraliceks almost had a listing a few doors down from the scene of the shootout that critically injured Mike and left his assailant dead. Nothing. “We laughed because we were asked if it would affect us,” Carrie e-mailed. “The answer is – no. Bad things happen everywhere, not just in Grouse Meadows.” In fact, Carrie continues, police – with weapons drawn – surrounded a house near the Kraliceks’ Post Falls home recently. Again, Carrie: “I have to admit I made Mike get out of our garage and further into the house.” Occasionally, the Kraliceks visit friends who live in Grouse Meadows. Not only has the former CPD Blue come to grips with the scene of his shooting, but he remembers what happened, 100 percent, a sure sign that he has recovered from any brain injury sustained. He isn’t sad or depressed by the ordeal either. In fact, he took another step toward recovery by going hunting with two friends Tuesday. Carrie: “Mike can’t wait to shoot a deer.” Wouldn’t that be something?

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