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Hagadone gets turkey award for California roost

Coeur d’Alene multimillionaire Duane Hagadone was one of the eight recipients of the Desert Post (Calif.) Weekly’s seventh annual Turkey Awards. He was in good company. Madonna and Aretha Franklin also picked up “Turkeys” for certain “actions or inactions, results, unfulfilled promises or simply not thinking before opening their beaks,” a Desert Post editorial said Tuesday. Staff writer Judith Salkin explains why Hagadone earned his Turkey: “What got us steamed was the megahouse expansion by the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, real estate and newspaper magnet. The Palm Desert City Council gave Duane B. Hagadone the go-ahead to add a sports court to his 32,000-square-foot house at Bighorn Golf Club. Like the ridge house isn’t already big enough, Hagadone is adding another 20,000 (square feet) to what once was a pristine ridge line. Like other parts of the country, megamansions are becoming a regular part of the desert’s landscape, and it’s a crime. A crime against the desert’s fragile ecology, a crime of urban blight invading our mountains and a crime in terms of what’s being (done) to the serenity. We’re definitely not against growth. Heck, it’s inevitable. But let’s remember why we moved out here in the first place – the beautiful vistas, the clean air and the limited number of people. Just because you can afford to build a bigger mansion than Bob Hope did in Palm Springs doesn’t mean you should. And the various city and county governments should keep that in mind when approving, or not, projects like this one.” Sound familiar?