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Let’s be Frank about it: He misspoke

Frank Henderson, a Repub octogenarian legislator, slipped in his closing statement at the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce debates Thursday. In wrapping up, he said (and Huckleberries paraphrases): I want to remind people I’m an advocate of traditional values and things like same-sex marriage. He meant to say that he’s an advocate of Idaho’s traditional marriage ballot measure. Most missed that. But not the press corps, Cynthia Hammond or state Rep. Bob Nonini, R-Post Falls. Afterward, Frank made a beeline to the presstitutes to explain himself. Later still, Frank, who has the ability to laugh at himself, was huddled with Nonini outside when CdA Councilman Mike Kennedy drove by. Yelled Mike: “Hey, Frank, does Betty know how you feel about same-sex marriage?” Betty, of course, is Betty Nelson, Frank’s fiancée. Responded Frank: “I’m driving over to tell her how I feel right now.” Hope the lovebirds didn’t need counseling afterward.

“ Poet’s Corner: “If he were six inches taller,/his armed forces would be smaller” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Kim Jong-il”).

“ Demo Steven Foxx, who’s running against Repub incumbent state Sen. John Goedde, R-CdA, and two others, has shed his beard and looked like a young Repub in a suit and tie during a Friday S-R candidate interview. He said his campaign team told him that it planned to work hard on his election effort and insisted on the makeover. Facial hair turns off some voters. Steven, who ran for the CdA City Council last year, cleans up well.


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