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Area residents graduate from EWU

This concludes the list of spring graduates from Eastern Washington University. The students are listed by schools or hometowns. All received bachelor’s degrees unless otherwise indicated.

By schools

Mead: Kevin Beiers, Education-Special Education; Amanda Bossard, Government; Toni Cavagnaro, Education-Spanish; Chris Cwik, Communication Studies; Jennifer Galassi, Education-Reading; Colleen Hennessy, Communication Studies; Lyndsey Koutnik, Business Administration-Marketing; Amy Lund, Dental Hygiene; Jennifer Mellor, Sociology; Amanda Morgan, Business Administration-Finance; Scott Nerger, Business Administration-Management Information Systems; Amanda Skovran, Dental Hygiene; Lars Slind, International Affairs; Peter Tollackson, Business Administration-Economics; Cassandra Anctil, Master of Social Work; Kristin Lehman, Master of Science-Mathematics; Carmen Thompson, Master of Social Work; Conn Wittwer, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Mt. Spokane: Melissa Binder, Communication Studies; Ellen Boyd, Psychology; Meghann Haxton, Studio Art; Kristina Johnson, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Warren Miller, Mechanical Engineering Technology; Ben Ogle, Computer Science; Meghan Saxton, Psychology; April Snyder, Communication Disorders; Danielle Stewart, Nursing; Tyler Walters, Business Administration-Human Resource Management; Tyer Wilson, Computer Science; Shawna Yeager, Geology.

North Central: Landon Armani, Communication Studies and Communication Studies; Teresa Cameron, Urban and Regional Planning; Steve Cumbie, Business Administration-Marketing; Shannon Davis, Education-Special Education; Jeremiah Dung, Biology; Wendi Dunlap, Social Work; Adam Farr, Applied Developmental Psychology; Wendy Frankel, Biology; Matthew Greer, BusinessAdministration-Professional Accounting; Christy Hibbler, Education-Reading; Jacob Kochevar, Criminal Justice; Michelle Miller, Education-Children’s Studies; Patrick Morris, Social Work; Pasert Moua, Business Administration-General Management; Diana Potapenko, History; David Robinson, Business Administration-Marketing; Karla Schmeling, Social Work; Jeffrey Shay, Business Administration-Finance; Kimberly Smith, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Bernadette Struck, Social Work; Janelle Villella, Biology; Aaron Weidert, English; Kiley White, Government; Jeremy Williams, Business Administration-Management Information Systems; Damien Lysiak, Business Administration-Finance; Jessica Miller, Master of Social Work.

St. George’s: Heidi Batt, Master of Social Work.

St. Michael’s: Amy Urann, Education-Health and Fitness.

Shadle Park: Danielle Arndt, Social Work; Katie Brown, Communication Studies; Ashley Douglas, Journalism; Adriane Easterwood, Communication Studies; Jeremy Ferrette, Geography; Gabriel Johnson, Communication Studies; Teresa Kelleher, Social Work; Joey Kyle, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Trang Le, Biology; Gerald Logor, Computer Information Systems; Andrea Malmo, Applied Developmental Psychology; Lorena Markham, Communication Studies; Amber Masten, Marketing; Shannon Meeks, Communication Studies; Kristie Miller, Business Administration-Marketing; Alex Moon, Exercise Science; Ivana Nozinic, Criminal Justice; Tara Perkins, Social Work; Kathryn Pike, Humanities; Melissa Robinson, Social Work; Alexander Sporleder, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Sturm, Communication Studies; Alexis Thomas, Studio Art; Tracy Thompson, Business Administration-Finance; Thuy Tran, Business Administration-Economics; Mark White, Business Administration-Marketing; Vanessa Yesland, Education-Reading; Kristina Rogers, Master of Science Applied Psychology; Danae Terhark, Master of Science.

Spokane Valley Alternative: Stephanie Lee, Business Administration-Finance.

University: Rachel Ancel, Communication Studies; Melanie Croskrey, Education-Music; Jamie Eldredge, Business Administration-General Management; Starla Fey, Education-English; Alaina Hogan, Health Services Administration; Craig Hogan, Computer Science; Coleman Hiff, Applied Developmental Psychology; Kristi Kerkuta, Communication Studies; Vikki Malloy, Dental Hygiene; Lauralee McMillan, Communication Studies; Jill Oglesbee, Biology; Denise Spragg, Communication Disorders; Denielle Waltermire, Social Work; Gerald Wilson, Master of Arts History.

West Valley: Trevor Allen, Chemistry; Andrew Auclair, Applied Developmental Psychology; Travis Collins, Education-Special Education; Matthew Erdahl, Education-Reading; Jennifer Grizzle, Education-Mathematics; Jeffrey McCullough, Education-Special Education; Dana Nicholson, Journalism; Tyler Olson, Music; Alena Oviatt, English and Communication Studies; Henry Ryd, Communication Studies; Cassandra Spilker, Communication Studies; Laura Wooten, Education-English; Kay Bower, Master of Social Work.

By hometown

Spokane: Melissa Archer, Business Administration-Finance; Tammy Baraconi, Urban and Regional Planning; Secia Beier, Biology; Tara Bertholf, Exercise Science; Jordan Bjork, Business Administration-Marketing; Joseph Bossio, Chemistry; Stephanie Bowers, Education-Social Studies; Cheryl Bradford, Dental Hygiene; Tyler Brinks, Business Administration-Marketing; Gabriel Brown, Studio Art; Phillip Burris, Business Administration-Finance; Alexandria Desautel, Business Administration-General Management; Stephanie Difrancesco, Communication Disorders; Scott Donahoe, Social Work; Juan Dwyer, Business Administration-Management Information Systems; Bonnie King, Communication Studies; James Gardner, Biology; Terence Geyer, Technology; Elana Hall, Education-English; Oscar Harris Jr., History; Mark Henri, Applied Developmental Psychology; Tanya Higgins, Education-Reading; Candy Holford, Dental Hygiene; Cheryl Howser, Applied Developmental Psychology; Micah Hunting, Education-Social Studies; Sybil Johnson, Business Administration-Marketing; Lynda Keenan, Biology; Timothy Kuh, International Affairs; Kerry Lane, Business Administration-Profession Accounting; Karen Lantz, Social Work; Nicole Larson, Education-Reading; Linda Lawrie, Studio Art; Darrell Lembcke Jr., Education; Heather Little, Dental Hygiene; Jason Little, Chemistry; Michael Lloyd-Owen, Journalism; Amanda Lochmiller, Mathematics; Cassandra Lovick, Psychology; Shannon Milne, Applied Developmental Psychology; Georgina Mitchell, Economics; Senayet Mulatu, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Kelly Murry, Applied Developmental Psychology; Laura Nonnenmacher, Education-Special Education; Annie Oakes, Anthropology; Johanna Oakes, Graphic Communications; Mark Overman, Business Administration-Human Resource Management; Karen Parry, Communication Studies; Logan Peabody, Business Administration-Management Information Systems; Nevada Prater, Social Work; Raenell Rafferty, Applied Developmental Psychology; Nora Redfox, Social Work; Randen Richards, Government; David Schlegel, Computer Information Systems; Mindy Shaw, Psychology; Stephanie Smith, Social Work; Jessica Stettner, Psychology; Cindy Thomas, Social Work; Dominic Thornberg, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Christina Vanhorn, Dental Hygiene; Michelle Vanhorn, Education-Reading; Aleksandr Voloshenyuk, Biology; Kelly Walkup, Journalism; Jason Walters, Biology; Lonny Wardle, Computer Information Systems; Jamie Womack, Psychology; Renee Woody, Children’s Studies; Kevin Worth, Business Administration-Finance; Myleah Xiong, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Kristy Abbott, Master of Social Work; Mariza Anderson, Master of Social Work; Christine Aultman, Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction; Teresa Battista, Master of Social Work; Timothy Best, Master of Social Work; Jacob Bezanson, Master of Social Work; Ashley Boswell, Master of Fine Arts; Cristina Bresnahan-Johnson, Master of Education; Pamela Carlson-Hafner, Master of History; Katie Clemons, Master of Social Work; Paul Clure, Master of Business Administration; Brian D’Angelo, Master of Science Interdisciplinary; Chris Danley, Master of Urban and Regional Planning; Stephanie Ennis, Master of Public Administration; Ricardo Escobedo, Master of Social Work; Bradi Grebien-Samkow, Master of Fine Arts-Creative Writing; Kathleen Hagen, Master of Arts Music; Bobbi Hamilton, Master of Social Work; Michael Henry, Master of Science; Jessica Hildebrandt, Master of Science; Sarah Hudgens, Master of Fine Arts-Creative Writing; Shana Ingram, Master of Social Work; Jaynelle Kenney, Master of Social Work; Pavel Kozubenko, Master of Science-Computer Science; Karen Larson, Master of Business Administration; Rebecca Levine, Master of Social Work; Charles Maggio, Master of Science-Mathematics; Kimberly McCormack, Master of Public Administration; Robert Moore, Master of Social Work; James Noorlander, Master of Social Work; Kelli Prafke, Master of Social Work; Jaclyn Reed, Master of Science; Mark Spencer, Master of Business Administration; Edward Spilker, Master of Urban and Regional Planning; Hayley Stewart, Master of Social Work; Michael Syron, Master of Public Administration; Ruth Williams, Master of Fine Arts-Creative Writing; Jami Bean, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Karie Ike, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Michael Miller, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Brandon Stubbs, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Spokane Valley: Jodie Alexander, Sociology; Linda Duckett, Business Administration-Management Information Systems; R. Ford, Biology; Marlaina Kramer, Business Administration-General Management; Derek Medina, Exercise Science; Joseph Murphy IV, Business Administration-Marketing; Stephanie Sparr, Applied Developmental Psychology; Aaron Swenson, Applied Developmental Psychology; Jaine Thompson, Biology; Jessica Wanzenried, Social Work; Joyce Daley, Master of Business Administration; William Groth, Master of Social Work; Kerri Hanson, Master of Social Work; Roy Hood, Master of Public Administration; Carly Jones, Master of Social Work; Rachel McGee, Master of Social Work.

Sprague: Kiall Swift, Business Administration-Professional Accounting; Bradley Whipple, Business Administration-Marketing; Ryan Yost, Chemistry.

Springdale: Janee Rij, Athletic Training.

St. John: Matthew Anderson, Education-Mathematics; Shannon Hughes, Education-Reading.

Veradale: Jason Paulsen, Business Administration-Operations Management; Angela Allen, English; Lori Jeske, Master of Science-Applied Psychology; Pamella Waters, Master of Science-Communication Studies.

Warden: Melinda Martinez, Education-Reading; Belia McPartland, Biology.


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