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Make-do dates keep romance alive amid daily chores

‘Tis been awhile since we peeked in at Katrina’s Notes on a Napkin (which is part of the North Idaho Blogroll at Huckleberries Online). Katrina is a young mother of two who can afford an occasional night out with hubby, Paul, especially since they have family in town (read: free baby sitters). In between those times out, however, they make do. Recently, she wondered which of her make-do dates with Paul could be considered a real date. Her creative list included: “Instant messaging each other sweet nothings from across the living room. Taking the kids out for burgers and playland time so we can talk and do origami together. Meeting each other in a fictitious online world (where, by the way, I assume in the form of a perfectly proportioned 6-foot-tall elf maiden) to battle orcs, dragons, and trolls, side by side. Writing notes to each other in sidewalk chalk on our front porch. Walking around Costco trying all the free samples and taking turns in the demo massage chair, pretending we might actually buy it. Picking out cards for each other at the grocery store, reading them, and then leaving them there. Doing housework together (because there’s nothing more attractive than a man loading the dishwasher). Lying in bed talking way longer than we should be up. Tag team grocery shopping. Blissfully collapsing on the couch under Willie Ford to watch a movie while the little whirlwinds that are our children rearrange the furniture and dump out every single toy they own. Scrabble.” You’re welcome to share your creative dates on the Huckleberries blog, too.


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