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Huckleberries: Nursing mother’s unabashed exhibition not on the menu

Sightem (at a Coeur d’Alene restaurant) – two breasts, in view of God and everyone. Seems a nursing mid-twentysomething gave neighboring tables an eyeful about 5 p.m. last Monday when she lifted her shirt to breast-feed her baby. (Aside: Now, before you deputize a posse to run me out of town for insensitivity toward nursing mothers, let me say this. I’m uncomfortable when women nurse in public places, even discreetly. But I’m trying to work through the problem. My problem.) We’re not talking about a modest feeding here, however. A friend described the sight. At one point, she said, the mother had her girls exposed for about 30 seconds, without the youngster attached. Seems the waitress didn’t know what to do. Nor the manager. So they did nothing. Which was the right approach. It saved a scene and preserved a good tip. Alas, no one warned a busser at the next table. Later, he was heard to complain, with a wide grin, that he was “scarred for life.” Most of my Huckleberries blog gang thought the mother was an exhibitionist. Our Witch With A Gun from Moscow opined that “even the most militant breast feeders I know show more class than that.” Cis, from Bonner County, categorized Little Ms. B Cupless with those teen Post Falls home-schoolers who march around with guns strapped to their backs. In dissent, however, mild-mannered Toadman from Spokane said: “I like boobs, even when they’re utilitarian.” Be careful out there.


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Federal agency approves Idaho field burning rules

UPDATED: 12:41 p.m.

Federal officials have approved Idaho’s request to loosen field burning rules that backers say offer more flexibility to disperse smoke away from people but that health advocates say will lead to breathing problems for some area residents.