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Getting There: Browne’s Addition work could be worse

Mon., Aug. 13, 2007

Browne’s Addition residents cursing the street construction starting there tomorrow have at least one thing to be thankful for this week: Construction is only taking place on Second Avenue.

Initial plans had called for work on Second Avenue to overlap with construction on First Avenue. City engineers and Shamrock Paving decided late last week, however, that with the large number of people parking on the street, it makes more sense to finish Second before starting on First Avenue. (Yes. Second comes first and First comes second.)

It should take about two weeks to finish grinding and paving each street, said project engineer Steve Sather.

During construction, parking will be restricted from time to time on each street to make way for grinding and paving. Residents will be notified of the restrictions ahead of time.

Violators will be towed.

Parking will be prohibited on Cannon Street between Third Avenue and Riverside Avenue for the duration of the project.

There are no plans to work on Pacific Avenue this summer, but Riverside Avenue will be repaved once First and Second are completed.

Downtown workers seeking free parking, take note and take mercy on the Browne’s Addition residents who will be struggling to park in their neighborhood.

New tower

Travelers won’t notice when air traffic control at Spokane International Airport is switched to the new tower at the end of the month, but Federal Aviation Administration workers are looking forward to the upgraded facility.

The $30 million tower was dedicated last week.

The tower handles traffic within a 40-mile radius of Spokane, including traffic flying into Spokane International Airport, Felts Field and Coeur d’Alene, said Dave Jennings, who monitors the quality of operations at the tower and trains air traffic controllers for the FAA.

The air traffic controllers who take care of traffic landing and taking off at Spokane International sit in the top part of the tower, which is 271 feet tall. They have radar systems and prime views of the Spokane area, stretching as far as Steptoe Butte to the south.

(By the way, this tower’s 10 feet taller than SeaTac’s tower.)

Flights more than five miles away from the airport will be guided by air traffic controllers in a dark, radar-monitor-filled room on the tower’s first floor.

Those air traffic controllers also guide pilots in and out of the Missoula airport.

So what to do with the old tower?

It’s set to be demolished after a short redundancy period with operations in both towers, but supporters of a planned air museum on the West Plains would like to save the top portion for the museum, Jennings said.

The new tower should last for years, he added. The runways could handle 20 percent more flight traffic, and the tower itself has enough air traffic control capacity to absorb an additional runway.

Drive hammered…

You know the drill by now. Law enforcement across Washington will be conducting extra DUI patrols starting Wednesday and continuing through Labor Day.

So don’t drink and drive.

Last year, 252 people were killed statewide by drinking drivers, and drinking drivers caused 3,350 crashes here.

Even blood alcohol levels under the .08 limit can cause driving impairment.

Slow going


“The westbound Interstate 90 Hamilton Street on-ramp will be reduced to one lane from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday for repairs.

North Spokane

“Crestline Street is reduced to one lane in each direction from North Foothills Drive/Euclid to Wellesley for local access only. Other traffic is being detoured.

“Ash Street is closed from Francis Avenue to Northwest Boulevard.

South Spokane

“29th Avenue is closed west of Glenrose.

“Northbound U.S. Highway 195 is reduced to one lane in several places between Spangle and Hatch Road.

“Southeast Boulevard is closed from Perry Street to Fourth Avenue.

“Crews are working on the traffic signal at Grand Boulevard and 25th Avenue; expect delays.

Spokane Valley

“There is no precise schedule, but the following roads may have traffic restrictions this month for repairs: Sprague/Appleway from Sullivan to Fancher, Mission from Sullivan to Mullan, 32nd Avenue from Highway 27 to Dishman-Mica, Montgomery from Wilbur to Argonne, Evergreen from Indiana to 32nd, Bowdish from Sprague to Sands, McDonald from Mission to 24th, and Dishman-Mica from Appleway to Bowdish.

“Highway 27 is reduced to single-lane traffic near 46th Avenue from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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