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Bloggers show no patience with Craig after guilty plea

The Huckleberries Online blog gang wasn’t forgiving Monday afternoon when it learned of the guilty plea of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, in an incident involving misconduct in a Minnesota airport bathroom. A sampling of the response from HBO kibitzers follows:

• JBelle: After the discussion about his sexual preference/extramarital sexual pursuits in the last election … and this guy is still trolling in public restrooms? I’m no psychotherapist but it looks like this is someone who really wants to be caught! Really wants his sexual identity revealed once and for all, yet doesn’t know how/doesn’t have the courage to stand up and be counted.

• Frum Helen Back: I wonder who our next senator will be.

• Idaho Escapee: Wow. I haven’t experienced the same degree of surprise since the Jim West scandal. Larry Craig … gosh … when the ones at the top fall, they land the hardest, and leave a huge mess to clean up.

• Phil Thompson: This has to be said: Larry it’s time to fall on your sword. It’s time to step aside.

• Nato: At this point, wouldn’t it be more of a hot news item if a Republican were outted as being just plain heterosexual? … As someone over at Wonkette said, “For a party with such a small tent, they have an awfully big closet.”

• Ophelia: I’m glad this story broke in Roll Call instead of a publication that the GOPers think is liberal.

• Anonymous: Somewhere in Boise today, Lt. Governor Jim Risch is getting himself fitted for a toga.

•OrangeTV: It’s just a sad comment on our culture that this man was so afraid that the fact he was gay would be discovered that he had to go looking for action in public restrooms. If he were just able to happily come out of the closet in the first place he could have just met his mates at the bars, or at Home Depot, like normal gay men do. Of course, he would have never been elected into office in uptight, backward-thinking Idaho if that were the case. His actions really just serve to uphold the unfortunate stereotype that all gay men are perverts trolling around in the lurky shadows trying to molest anything that moves. For shame!