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Holiday party? Think 4 C’s

TUESDAY, DEC. 4, 2007

Christmas is still several weeks away, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of celebrating going on already. Office parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties.

Parties are great, but all of those cocktails and nibbles can add up, making you look a bit more Santa-like than you were wishing.

Here are some 4 C’s tips from Weight Watchers for watching calories during party season:

•Choose cocktails light on sugary mixers. Swap a cosmo for a mimosa, for example, or a bloody mary for a margarita.

•Pick one cookie and savor it. Also, top cookies with chocolate chips or nuts, instead of mixing into the batter, to reduce the amount used. Toast nuts and coconuts to maximize flavor. Consider egg and sugar substitutes. Make smaller-sized cookies.

•Ditto for candy. Pick a long-lasting candy (like a candy cane) and enjoy it (rather than popping candy after candy into your mouth.)

•Consider couture. Ditch that baggy Christmas sweater and stretch pants. Wearing your “skinny” jeans just might keep you from an extra trip to the buffet table.

Wanna be a quitter?

You’d be in good company.

The Washington Tobacco Quit Line recently received its 100,000th call for help since starting seven years ago.

The quit line and other prevention programs are funded by tobacco settlement money. Since 2000, they’ve had a significant impact on smoking rates in the state, according to the Washington Department of Health.

•Adult smoking rates have seen a 24 percent drop since 2000.

•Adult smoking rates in Washington have dropped from 20th to fifth lowest in the nation.

•There are now an estimated 235,000 fewer smokers in the state, saving a predicted $2.1 billion in future health costs.

And, if that’s not enough, get this:

•There are now more former smokers in Washington than current smokers.

Thinking of quitting? Call the Washington Tobacco Quit Line at (800) QUIT-NOW, or go to


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